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 CMATC Meteorological Distance Education

Sept., 2010



一、General Course

Personal Etiquette

Practical Meteorological English

二、Meteorological Service

Surface Meteorological Observation Operation

The Use of Meteorological Observation and Forecast Service System

Upper-air Operational Meteorological Sounding

Synoptic Meteorology

Weather Forecast Service Standard

Numerical Forecast Products Interpretation Technology

Use of Meteorological Satellite Images in Weather Analysis and Forecasting

The Use of Micaps 3.0

Introduction of Climatology

Climate and Climate Change Effect Assessment

Applied Meteorology

Agricultural Meteorology Services Standard

Weather Modification Post Services

Artillery Use and maintenance for Weather Modification

Safe Operation of Weather Modification Artillery

Lightning Disaster Prevention Services

Lightning Protection and Review of Drawings

Lightning Disaster Analysis and Evaluation

Information Technology

Equipment Support

Location Specifications for New Generation Weather Radar

Contemporary Operational Meteorology  Lecture Series (Ⅰ)

Contemporary Operational Meteorology  Lecture Series (Ⅲ)

Abrupt Events Emergency Law of the People\'s Republic of China

Civil Service Law

Study and Understand 17th CPC National Congress Spirit in Meteorological Department