WMO RTC Beijing held the distance learning course on observation instruments maintenance

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 China Meteorological Administration (CMA) Training Centre / WMO RTC Beijing has successfully held the Distance Learning (DL) Course on the Maintenance of Meteorological Observation Instruments from May to June, 2018, in response to both WMO Global Campus Initiative and WMO priorities 2016-2019.

This is the very first attempt for WMO RTC Beijing to deliver a DL course specifically for international participants, which is designed to enhance the participants’ understanding of international and China's meteorological observing system and especially of the operation and maintenance of automatic weather station (AWS).

The DL course  consists of 2 parts delivered via the “CMA MOOC” platform, by means of synchronous and asynchronous respectively. The first part includes 5 pieces of courseware focusing on AWS’s basic structure and working principle, the installation, testing and maintenance of a variety of sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction. The second part includes 3 lectures via real-time online system covering the topics of introduction to WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) and China’s Integrated Meteorological Observing System, overview of Chinese AWS and 3D visualization demonstration of AWS’ structure and operation in Virtual Reality. The DL course has also provided discussion sessions where the participants could exchange opinions with the experts from CMATC. Pre-training and post-training assessments are also conducted so as to evaluate the effectiveness of the DL course.

The DL course has attracted a wide attention from all over the world with 274 registered participants from 55 countries or regions. Most of the registered participants are from Asia (45%), Africa (22%) and South America (22%), and most of them are observers and technician of observation instruments maintenance. Among all registered participants, 116 have completed all the required learning activities and 221 have been active in at least one of learning sessions. Iran has been the country with the largest number of participants (36) who have completed the course, followed by Venezuela (13), Indonesia (12) and Kenya (9). About 80% of participants found the DL course useful for work and 95% showed interest to participate CMATC’s future DL courses.


Figure 1: Distribution of participants that have complete the course

The Chinese government is promoting the Belt and Road initiative and CMA has signed a letter of intent with WMO to boost regional meteorological cooperation and co-build the Belt and Road. In this content, meteorological education and training would play a crucial role and WMO RTC Beijing would continue to deliver both distance learning and face-to-face courses for international participants in the future.