CMA Training Center held 6th Training Seminar on Agricultural Meteorology

time:2017-10-18 15:44:11  Clicks:146

 CMA Training Center held the 6th Pilot Training Seminar on Basic Knowledge and Techniques in Agricultural Meteorology from March 27 to April 21 2017. 37 frontline agro-meteorologists engaging in operation and service delivery from CMA participated in the seminar.


The main topics of the seminar include the characteristics of weather and climate in China, the basic principles of agrometeorology, crop cultivation and meteorology, agroclimatology, observation techniques and data processing methods for agrometeorology, disaster prevention and mitigation techniques for agricultural meteorology, techniques and methods for agrometeorological operation and service delivery, and experience in agrometeorological service delivery at grass-root levels.


The participants are mainly service delivery staff working at grass-root stations but not majoring in agrometeorology. A variety of training methods such as general and applied presentation, discussion, case study, and experiential teaching are used to enable the participants to gain a systematic knowledge of the basic concepts and principles in agrometeorology, and a mastery of common techniques and methods in operational agrometeorology so that the participants will be in a better position to solve practical problems arising from their agrometeorological operations and service delivery.