Working Report on International Training of China Meteorological Administration Training Centre, WMO

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 1. Overview

China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC, former Beijing Meteorological College, founded in 1955) is a national higher continuing education and on-the-job training institution for the meteorological departments. CMATC was designated as WMO Regional Training Centre Beijing (WMO RTC Beijing) in 2002, and recognized as WMO/CGMS Virtual Laboratory Centre of Excellence in 2007.


The major international courses offered at WMO RTC Beijing are comprehensive and practical, following the demands and requirements of participants and addressing meteorological theory and technology, including meteorological observing techniques, weather forecasting, satellite and radar meteorology, NWP, climate monitoring and warning, disaster prevention and mitigation, climate and climate change, etc. The Centre has a series of simulation environment for training practices, such as modern weather forecasting laboratory, new generation Doppler weather radar laboratory, and observation laboratory, with institutionalized training courses and teaching materials.



2. Training highlights over 2012-2014

  • Consistency with WMO Priority Areas

Under the framework of WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP), WMO RTC Beijing carries out the meteorological training activities focusing on WMO priority areas. The number of participants supported by WMO VCP financially has increased year by year.