Reflection with Meteo France Mr. Denis Stuber

time:2017-08-21 12:23:54  Clicks:27

 At the end of the international training course on Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), CMATC organized the reflection joint with representatives from CMA, CMATC, Beijing Climate Centre and Mr. Denis Stuber, who comes from Meteo France.

As the delegate from Meteo France, Mr Denis Stuber kept track the most of the training course from the opening ceremony to the closing session with a contribution of a presentation during the class. He highly appreciated the efforts and achievements that CMATC have made for the GFCS training course.

At the meeting, both sides shared the valuable experiences in the climate training from the course setting, teaching facilities, teacher resources etc..

Denis introduced the basic information of Meteo France from the training expenses, the teacher resources, capacity building etc.. He gave the conclusion that the main difference between the two center courses are RTC Beijing focuses the climate services and the other emphasizes the climate information.

Both sides exchanged the respective concerned questions. Mr. Denis answered all the questions which raised by RTC Beijing on data processing tools, teacher resources, teaching time allocation, whether the satellite data was included into the climate course and so on.  RTC Beijing also answered the questions which proposed by Mr. Denis such as the following plan on the GFCS