International Training Seminar on Meteorological Disasters Risk Management for Officials from Develo

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The International Seminar on Meteorological Disasters Risk Management for Officials from Developing Countries was held in Beijing from 15 to 26 September 2014. 14 international participants from 11 different countries working in the field of Meteorological Disasters Risk Management attended this two-week training. 
Entrusted by China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and with the financial support from CMA Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP) Fund and RTC-Beijing, the seminar organizers from the above organizations did a lot of meticulous and serious job to ensure that the International Training seminar on Meteorological Disasters Risk Management was able to meet the criterion of WMO international training and different needs of participants with different backgrounds. Indeed, CMATC invited many first-rate professors and researchers from China and other countries to lecture participants., such as Mr. Filipe Lucio, director of the Global Framework for Climate Services(GFCS)OfficeWMO; Dr. Jianping Yan from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Dr. Li Xuefeng, a professor from Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG); Mr.Jiang Tong, a chief scientist of climate change impact analysis and risk management at the Beijing Climate Center,etc.Their specialized knowledge and well-designed lectures have been highly praised by international participants. Besides this, CMATC also held a forum for international participants; a discussion with the 44th China Study Tour and Workshop on the Implementation of GFCS; organized a field trip to the Xiangshan Weather Modification Center in Haidian District and a visit to CMA operational units for participants. 
The two-week seminar ended on 26 September, 8 participants addressed in the closing ceremony. In their addresses, they all appreciated the training opportunities provided by WMO and CMATC, shared their training experiences and lovely memories in Beijing and expressed their confidence of rendering better services to their fatherlands through the advanced science and technology on Meteorological Disasters Risk Management that they had learned from the seminar.