International Training Course on Aeronautical Meteorology Services was successfully held by CMATC

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The International Training Course on Aeronautical Meteorology Services was held in Beijing from 16 June to 27 June 2014. 39 international participants from 29 countries and regions working in the field of aeronautical meteorology service attended this two-week training. 


Entrusted by China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and with the financial support from CMA Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP) Fund, CMATC and ATMBCAACCMATC did a lot of meticulous and serious job to ensure that the International Training Course on Aeronautical Meteorology Services was able to meet the criterion of WMO international training course. Two experts Mr. CHEUNG Ping and Mr. LI Luen-on, who come from Hong Kong Observatory and work long time in the field of aviation meteorology. In this training, they are specially invited to give lectures on the Progress and Future Directions on Aeronautical Meteorology and competency assessment. Besides, several first-rate experts in Aeronautical Meteorology Services field are also invited to give lectures on SIGMET through their first-hand experience.



The two-week course ended on 27 June, all of participants addressed in the closing ceremony. They said that they had learnt a lot from Mr. CHEUNG Ping and Mr. LI Luen-on as well as from the CMA and ATMB experts. The participants were confident that what they learnt here would be very helpful in their operational and scientific work.


The 39 students was from China(2), Guinea(1), Kenya(1), The Republic of Sudan(1), Sudan(1), Malaysia(1), Russia(3), Thailand(1), Mongolia(2), Morocco(1), Papua New Guinea(1), Yemen(2), the Republic of South Sudan(1), Paraguay(1), Pakistan(1), Peru(1), Egypt(1), Barbados(1), Brazil (1), China Macao(1), Oman(2), Bahrain(1), Congo(1), Bangladesh(1), Nigeria(3), Jordan(1), UAE(2), Cambodia(2), Azerbaijan(1).


(By Chen Jinyang, Gao Feng, Wang Tingbo and Li Pan)