CMATC hosted the opening ceremony of the International Training Course on Aeronautical Meteorology S

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China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC) held the International Training Course on Aeronautical Meteorology Service in Beijing from April 9 to April 19, 2013. 30 international participants from 23 countries and regions who are working in the field of aeronautical meteorology attended this two-week training.


 As WMO RTC Beijing, CMATC has hosted many courses on different subjects. All of them have achieved great success. This course is also under the WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP). With financial support as well as active guidance from CMA, CMATC did a lot of meticulous and serious job to ensure that the International Training Course on Aeronautical Meteorology Services was able to meet the training demands of the international participants as well as the criterion of WMO international training courses. Chinese aeronautical meteorology experts from Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) were invited to give lectures for the training course. Mr. Kent Johnson from Meteorological Service of Canada and Professor Xiaoding Yu from CMATC also joined in the team of the instructors.


The course is aimed to enhance the capabilities of participants in the application and interpretation of aviation weather forecast products, and to enhance the nowcasting and the short-term and strong convective weather forecasting ability to improve the issuance of SIGMET (including the content, the format, the quality and the availability) in developing countries. The content of the lectures included civil aviation meteorological service in China and SIGMET advisory trial in Asia, SIGMET issuance and related applications, nowcasting methods for airport terminal, principles of competency assessment, understanding and adapting competency requirements, adapting tools to local requirements, and real or simulated competency assessment.


WMO has paid great attention to the training course and the possibility of setting up AMP Training Base in WMO RTC Beijing is under discussion.


The training course will be closed on April 19, 2013.