CMATC hosted the opening ceremony of the International Training Course on Regional Climate Predictio

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CMATC hosted the opening ceremony of the International Training Course on Regional Climate Prediction and Drought Monitoring and Warning in Beijing on September 17. Mr. Yu Yubin, Deputy Director General of Department of Human Resources of CMA, Ms. LI Mingmei, Deputy Director General of Department of International Cooperation of CMA, Ms. CHAO Qingchen, deputy Director General of National Climate Centre of CMA, attended the opening ceremony and all delivered a welcome speech.The ceremony was chaired by Dr. XIAO Ziniu, Deputy Director General of CMATC. Dr. XIAO expressed his cordial welcome to all the participants. A total of 23 foreign participants from 18 countries and 32 domestic participants  attended this course. Mr. Karimjon ABDUALIMOV, First Deputy Director of State Organization for Hydrometeorology, Tajikistan, and DrsKingtse MO, as the representative of participants and lecturers respectively, also addressed the ceremony.


This course is jointly sponsored by CMA and CMATC and is also under the WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP).

As is well known, CMA always pays high attention to WMO capacity building programs. China is willing to work with the international community to make a greater contribution to international training for developing countries and the least developed countries.


In spite of the skill of seasonal climate prediction has been improved substantially over the past two decades, drought prediction remains a scientific challenge due to the lack of observations and the complex attribute of natural climate system. The drought prediction have large societal and economic consequences, which represents a key planning horizon for food supply, agricultural irrigation, energy allocation, and emergency management.


To run this international training course, CMA Training Centre did a lot of meticulous and serious job in preparation. All the courses are made to meet the criterion of WMO international training course. Three experts in climate prediction and drought, Drs. Kingste MO and Drs. HUANG Jin and Drs. ZHANG Qin are specially invited to give lectures on drought and climate prediction. Besides, several first-rate experts with BCC are also invited to introduce operational climate predictions and analyze severe drought events in China through their first-hand experience.