CMATC successfully held the International Training Course on Nowcasting in Beijing

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CMATC successfully held the International Training Course on Nowcasting in Beijing, 3-14, Sept., 2012



China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC) held the International Training Course on Nowcasting in Beijing from 3 to 14 September, 2012. 25 international participants from 21 countries who are working in the field of nowcasting attended this two-week training. 37 Chinese participants working in the related field also participated into the course.


As WMO RTC Beijing, CMATC has hosted many courses on different subjects. All of them have achieved great success. This Course is also under the WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP). With financial support as well as active guidance from CMA, CMATC did a lot of meticulous and serious job to ensure that the International Training Course on Nowcasting was able to meet the training demands of participants home and abroad as well as the criterion of WMO international training course. Dr. Lemon, well-known U.S. expert on nowcasting was invited here to give lectures on the applications of Doppler radar,thunderstorms and severe convecting weather. Drs. ZHANG Jian, WMO specially invited expert was also invited to give lectures. Besides, several first-rate experts in Chinese meteorological field were invited to analyze on China’s severe convective weather through their first-hand experience.


The two weeks’ course ended on September 14, all 25 international participants addressed in the closing ceremony. They said that they had learnt a lot from Dr. Lemon as well as from the Chinese experts. Being a global issue, the development of nowcasting is of vital significance in the improvement of meteorological prediction accuracy and service provision. The participants were confident that what they learnt here would be quite helpful in their operational and scientific work.