International Training on Weather Modification successfully held in Beijing

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The International Training Course on Weather Modification, sponsored  by China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC) starting from August 22 in Beijing came to a successful close. Seventeen international participants  applied for the training course and finally twelve attended. All participants are in the field of weather modification, respectively from Indonesia (2), Pakistan (1), Philippines (1), Zimbabwe (1), Kenya (1), Ecuador (1), Nigeria (1), Mongolia (1), Kyrgyz Republic (1), Greece (1) and Hungary (1).


This training course  was a WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme. Two Israeli experts, Mr. Itzhak Bechar and Dr. Karin Ardon Dryer, and four Chinese experts from Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences were invited to give lectures. China has collaborated with Israel on training courses for more than six years and this is thetenth joint training course.


The main purpose of the training is to acquaint participants with basic knowledge of weather modification, and to demonstrate the application and utilization of weather modification techniques, including rain enhancement, fog dispersal, hail depression etc. The course is also designed to help trainees to learn 50 years of cloud seeding in Israel and Chinese weather modification practice and achievements.


The training contents  involve: the microphysics of clouds and precipitation, the growth of warm clouds and mixed phase clouds, precipitation from warm clouds and cold clouds, weather modification around the world, experiments and operations on how to plan a cloud seeding project, 50 years of cloud seeding in Israel, history of flying laboratory on instruments & measurements, the radar as a main instrument in Weather Modification, cloud seeding evaluation, implementing a rain enhancement project abroad, pollution effects on clouds and precipitation, Chinese weather modification practice and achievements, including weather modification modelling, simulation, data processing, cloud seeding theory, field experiment, operation commanding, effect assessments etc.


There was a forumfor all international participants, through which different experiences and problemson weather modification have been shared and discussed.


 Many activities were arranged to diversify the training. The international participants had  a chance to visit the operational units of CMA, such as the National Meteorological Centre, the National Climate Centre, China Weather Channel and CMA Meteorological Exhibition. Also  they had a  sightseeing tour to  the Great Wall in Mutinayu to come into contact with Chinese history and culture.