South Korean Delegation Visits CMATC

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On the afternoon of September 21, 2011, a delegation of 18 South Korean, headed by Mr. JeonJaemok, visited China Meteorological Administration Training Centre(CMATC). A symposium was held, in which, Fan Hong, deputy director of Department of Training Development (International training department), gave a brief introduction of CMATC international trainings and education programs in World Meteorological Organization Regional Training Center Beijing.


The symposium was chaired by Sun Boyang, director of Department of Training Development, CMATC. Apart from the 18 South Korean delegates, present at the meeting were Ying Ning, director of Department of International Cooperation of CMA, and other directors and teachers from the departments concerned in CMATC.


The South Korean delegates were amazed at CMATC’s training disciplines, training mission, number of trainees, international trainings and distance education and training. They hoped that they could learn Chinese training experience to expand their meteorological education and training back home. The South Korean delegation also made an introduction to their on-the-job meteorological education and training in Korea Meteorological Agency.


A preliminary cooperation on methods and contents of training activities in future was discussed between the two sides. And CMATC exchanged gifts with South Korea Meteorological Agency.

This brief meet strengthened the bond between CMATC and Korea Meteorological Agency, and made a good foundation for common development in future trainings.