The 16th Advanced English Training Course Held in CMATC

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 According to the CMATC Training Programme in 2011, the 16th Advanced English Training Course was held from July 25 to September 23, 2011. This programme is to improve the comprehensive English abilities of the participants, aiming at the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). 36 participants from different meteorological units across China attended the training. They all have high academic degrees and have a good foundation in English.

The whole training was carried out in two-step approach:

Step one: Basic English training

This stage lasted from July 25 to September 9. Series of IELTS examination papers were used as the main training materials, focusing on the basic knowledge and skills of English listening, speaking, reading and writing. Various teaching and learning activities were arranged in and outside class to improve the participants’ English.

Step two: Test skill training

From September 13 to 23, Huanqiu IELTS, a special training organization on IELTS, was invited for the test skills of IELTS. The instructors invited managed to share their skills and tips on IELTS with the participants. And two formal simulated examinations of IELTS were made to guarantee the teaching quality.