WMO Visits CMATC for Assessment

time:2017-08-21 12:12:06  Clicks:27

 On April 28, a 3-expert delegation from WMO paid a visit to CMA Training Center (CMATC) for the WMO-RTC External Assessment. This is the second time for CMATC to be reconfirmed as the Beijing Component of WMO Regional Training Center.According to the WMO EC Criteria,every RTC must be reconfirmed at least once in every eight year interval.


The WMO team was led by Ms Vilma Castro from Costa Rica, with other 2 members, Mr. YinkaAdebayo and Ms Zhang Qinghong, who listened to the Self-Assessment Report of CMATC and did an on-the-spot inspection. The taskforce had a good opinion of the primary meteorological service and training activities in CMATC, and highly appreciated its various continuing training courses, which, they think, fixed the gulf between college education and operational application, providing training experience to other