Zheng Guoguang attended the third meeting of the Global Sustainability Panel

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 Source:China Meteorological News Press




On May 16 and 17, the third meeting of the Global Sustainability Panel (GSP) has been held in Helsinki, Finland. Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), as a member of the high-level panel attended the meeting.


The objective of this meeting is to better understand that how important the final report which will be issued by the high-level panel by the end of 2011 for the global sustainable development, to make clear the concerned field and priority area, and to ensure the writing outline and manners.


The GSP members broadly accepted that, to improve the global sustainable development and green growth, it is necessary to draw up a series of goals concerning development transforming,in terms of marketing, management, technology and equity. The urgent core task of achieving global sustainability is to eradicate poverty, especially to help the vulnerable population to relieve from poverty. To increase employment opportunities, down the unemployment rate and develop the economy are some important ways to eliminate poverty. Social equity and management of natural resources are problems that call for immediate solution. Conformity and coherence of global regime at the global and regional levels should be ensured, as well as strengthening the Implementation way and mechanism of long-term strategy and developing pattern transforming. It is significant to help the governments and the international society, especially the young generation recognize the importance and urgency of green growth and sustainable development. In addition, technology innovation, cooperation and transfer, disasters risk management, gender equity, functions of market and private companies and other topics of the meeting.


High-level panel also produced a series of special reports on challenges and problems of economy-ecological environment and human welfare, global sustainable development and regime, technology innovation-cooperation and transfer, market mechanism, sustainable development index, energy availability, water and food security, fairness in sustainable development and other aspects, they made recommendations and proposals, analyzed and provided solutions to these problems, supplied fundamentals and script for the final report.


According to schedule, the panel will finish a report by the end of 2011, and will hand to Rio 2012 as a reference file.




On May 15, before the meeting, Zheng Guoguang visited Huang Xin, the Chinese ambassador to Finland, accompanied by Professor Zhang Xinmin