CGMS Group Meeting Held in Beijing

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 In the morning of July 12, 2010, the Fifth meeting of WMO/CGMS Virtual Laboratory Management Group was held at China Meteorological Administration Training Center. Conference Co-Chair Volker Gäertner, Kathy Ann Caesar, WMO representative B. Ryan attended the meeting. A former co-chair of virtual labs L. Machado sent congratulatory message by remote video. Li Minmei, Deputy Director General of Department of International Cooperation of China Meteorological Administration, Gao Xuehao, Director General of China Meteorological Administration Training Center (CMATC) attended the opening ceremony of the meeting.


Li Mingmei stressed at the opening ceremony that China Meteorological Administration always established cooperative mechanisms with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and other national meteorological education and training institutions, actively carried out disaster prevention and mitigation, climate change, satellite meteorology, agricultural meteorology, nowcasting and other aspects of the international training. The results are significant. She hoped that the meeting was not only a platform for learning and exchanging operation and technologies, but also a bridge for expanding our cooperation and exchanges between different countries.

Gao Xuehao said through organizing the group meetings CMATC helped to expand the influence of Chinese Meteorological operations, and expanded the influence of China education and training. Through introducing the development of the China meteorological operation, China satellite meteorological operation and the achievements of distance education and continuing education to the representatives of other countries, CMATC helped to improve the influence of China meteorological education and training in the international area. In the mean time, CMATC used the platform of hosting the meeting to let teachers and related person in CMATC to learnmore about the latest development of satellite meteorology, which strengthened the exchanges with other World Meteorological training institutions.

The conference lasted for 5 days, 23 official representative from 15 countries and  international organizations attended the meeting. The contents of the meeting included VLMG-5 meetings, training seminars on Satellite Meteorology, a visit to distance education centre, department of meteorological training and operational units of the China Meteorological Administration, and other activities.


The virtual lab management group meeting has been successfully held for four times, in Germany, Barbados, the United States and Germany, respectively. In order to better promote the application of meteorological satellite products, World Meteorological Organization and the Coordination Group of Meteorological Satellites created the virtual laboratory of satellite meteorology. The management group consisted of the excellence centres around the world. It is the important constituentof satellite meteorology education and training strategy.