The 3rd International Training on Satellite Meteorology Closed

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 On July 2, 2010, the third international training course on satellite meteorology came to an end. Liu Lihong, deputy director of Division of Training and Scientific Research Management and Cheng Xiuhu, deputy director of Department of Management Training attended the closing ceremony of the training course.


18 foreign participants from 15 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America attended in the training course from June 22 to July 2 for a period of 11 days.

Participants spoke highly of the training courseat the closing ceremony. Participants found that this course covered almost all aspects in satellite meteorology. They appreciated very much the detailed analysis and explanation in the lectures by every expert, especially academician Xu Jianmin. International students said the training course was very fruitful. They learned a lot on the application of the satellite meteorology. They would use what they learned in the course in their own operations in satellite meteorology. Students said they were very pleased to attend the training course, for they, at the same time, made a lot of international friends. Some students even said that this was the best training course they had ever attended. It was better than he thought. It was more like a big international family, though everyone were from different countries.


The training contents covered: To retrieve and analysis cloud properties by satellite data, Image interpretation-synoptic scale system, Monitoring and analysis techniques for the tropical weather systems based on satellite observation, Progress and future development on satellite sounding technology, Atmospheric sounding from satellite measurements, Fire and flood monitoring, Stray light modelling and analysis for FY-2 satellite, A modified approach for noise estimation in optical remotely sensed images and its application, satellite precipitation estimate, remote sensing aerosol with MODIS and the application of MODIS aerosol products, Meteorological satellites and space weather operations, Assimilation of ATOVS/VASS data from meteorological satellite in NWP model, International exchange and cooperation of CMA.


Through the organization of the international training courses, China Meteorological Administration training center (