CMA Trains in Hanoi,Vietnam

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 CMA Trains in Hanoi (Dec. 4,2010)

China Meteorological Education Delegation, led by Dr. Xiao Ziniu, Deputy Director General of CMATC, made an International Training Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam, from November 28 to December 3, 2010.


This 6-day training visit was scheduled to implement a training task for Vietnamese meteorologists according to Item 4.4, Summary Report of Ninth Sino-Vietnam Joint Working Group Meeting in March, 2009. The training theme, after a consolation with Science-Technology and International Cooperation Office, NHMS of Viet Nam, finally focused on Climate Prediction and Early Warning Technology, along with an introduction of China’s development and achievements in meteorological services.


55 participants from 12 different Vietnam regional Hydro-Meteorological Centers, Observatories and Institutes attended the training course, including 40 forecasters, 2 researchers and 13 directors in climate-related fields. 


The Delegation of CMA consisted of 5 professors and experts in related domain. And the training courses were well-prepared and lectured in English as required, with PPT graphic illustrations, providing participants with abundant information and data on meteorological applications and services.


As friendly neighbors, China and Vietnam have established a long-term cooperative relation in the meteorological domain. So far, CMATC has paid six training visits to Vietnam in the past few years. NHMS of Viet Nam extended warm welcome and hospitality on Chinese CMA Delegation. Their delightful accommodation and site observation made a memorable impression upon Chinese delegates.