International Training Course on typhoon and DVB-S standard applications

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 China Meteorological Education and Training Delegation conducted an international training program on "typhoon forecasting and early warning technology, and DVB-S standard applications" in Hanoi, Vietnam, from April 18 to 24, 2010. During the six days, the Chinese delegates also visited the Hanoi Institute of Natural Resources and Environment and the State Hydro-meteorological Forecast Center of Vietnam.

The expert delegation, headed by Zhang Junxia, Deputy Director General of China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC) had seven members from China Meteorological Administration, National Meteorological Centre, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences and CMATC.

There were 38 participants attending the training course. Most trainees came from nine Vietnam Regional Hydro-meteorological Centers, and some from Vietnam Hanoi Natural Resources and Environment, Hydro-meteorological Prediction Center and the Hydro-meteorological Institute of Environmental Research.

The topics of the training course were: 
a) The Undertaking of Meteorological Service and Meteorological Education and Training of China Meteorological Administration; 
b) DVB-S Standard and Application; 
c) An Overview of Tropical Cyclone Research Progress; 
d) The TC Warning System and Technical Supports from NWP System; 
e) The Study Progresses on the Convective Weathers Associated with Land-falling Typhoons.

During the visit, a bilateral talk was held, in which some issues concerning weather services and education and training were discussed.