The 15th Advanced English Course (IELTS Class)

time:2017-08-21 12:08:19  Clicks:26

 To help meteorological operational staff improve their English in international exchange, the 15th Advanced English Program, specially intended for IELTS, was held from July 19 to September 17, 2010, in CMA Training Centre.

This training was divided into two phases in about 9 weeks. In the first phase (7 weeks), priority was put on fundamental English abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Exam skills of IELTS were focused and practiced in the second phase (2 weeks).  Right after this training, all participants were required to enter for IELTS (The International English Language Testing System).
The 29 participants, aged 28 to 42, came from 15 meteorological bureaus at provincial level or from meteorological departments in Beijing. Although most of them claimed that they passed College English band 4 or band 6 in their universities, many get a little rusty on the language because they had no chance or time to refresh it after graduation. In the 60-day training, all the trainees worked very hard, and some even stay up late at night. At the end of the courses most trainees found their English improved a lot. In their IELTS tests, nearly half of them (14 in 29) got required scores, with nine 6 points, and six, 5.5 points.